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NO EMPTY SEATS - The Collective's "Make Theatre Accessible" mission
It is an essential part of The Collective's mission to provide access to quality theatre for individuals and groups who cannot afford to see a show or are not aware that such opportunities exist. We would rather share our work with an enthusiastic and engaged audience who have not paid a dime than to have empty seats.

1. Tickets to our productions are offered free of charge and on a pay-what-you-can basis.
2. We promote to schools and through social media, and try to reach communities for whom quality theatre may remain a luxury instead of an integral part of the culture.
3. We actively seek donations and provide opportunities for our supporters to help us provide access for those unable to do so themselves.

*BUY TICKETS to see our productions.
*MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION so that someone else can see the show. Every $18 = one seat. Our current campaign is to fill 1,000 seats this Summer through ticket sales and your donations.
*FILL A SEAT, see the show on us. We hope that you will be inspired by the experience and want to give what you can to provide the same opportunity for someone else.


Schedule of Upcoming Productions

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Production History

360: An Original Adaptation Of La Ronde  | Open: 05/28/09 Close: 05/31/09
The Collective presents
Developed, written and performed by members of The Collective

Performed by members of The Collective:
Krista Amigone*, Brian Bannan, Karen Chamberlain, Robert Z. Grant*, Swann Gruen, Kevin Kane*, Brian Leider, Nick Marshall, Amy Schumer and Naomi Warner

10 couples. 10 encounters. Based on the sensationalized "La Ronde" written by Arthur Schnitzler in 1900, this original adaptation developed, written and performed by members of The Collective explores the disconnected nature of humanity and the role sex plays in the search for true intimacy.

In the desperate search for real connection, we're all f*cked.

NOTE: This production contains nudity and sexual situations.

An Equity approved showcase.
*These Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Clayscapes  | Open: 05/12/09 Close: 05/16/09
The Collective presents
A collection of solo works written by Clay McLeod Chapman

Directed by Melissa Rindell

Playwright and story-teller Clay McLeod Chapman has seen his short fiction transposed to the stage for over the last ten years, produced in Romania, Scotland, Ireland and here in the US. Originator of the rigorous story-performance group, the Pumpkin Pie Show, Chapman has taken his writing to the Sibiu International Festival of Theatre, the NY Fringe Festival, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His first book of stories, rest area, has been published.

Performed by members of The Collective:
Suzannah Quincy Beard*, Patrick Bonck, Karen Chamberlain, Margaret Champagne, Kevin Kane* and Melissa Rindell.

An Equity approved showcase.
*These Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

Me Equals This + Happy Girl :)  | Open: 10/22/09 Close: 11/08/09
The Collective presents

Written and directed by Brian Leider

Featuring Krista Amigone*, Melissa Ciesla, Chris Cusano, Victoria Dicce*, Robert Z Grant*, Mike Houston*, Kevin Kane*, Lisa Kicielinski, Brian Leider, Brian Parrish, Quisha Saunders and Caitlin Zvoleff

Brian Leider, playwright and founding member of The Collective, premieres two new short plays as part of I.E.D.

"Me Equals This" and "Happy Girl" will share the bill each night, featuring a rotating cast of 12 actors from The Collective. Part character study, part social commentary, these two original works each follow two friends through an interaction that is alternately implosive and explosive.


Someone Who'll Watch Over Me  | Open: 06/17/10 Close: 08/08/10
In Lebanon, an American, an Englishman and an Irishman are abruptly taken from their work, their lives and the ones they love. Chained in a dark, isolated room there seems no escape from the enemies that terrorize them. In an absence of time they each struggle to make sense of their circumstances while they seek freedom. How is the value of a human life measured? And will the answer be enough for someone to finally be set free?

The Lesson  | Open: 11/15/07 Close: 12/02/07
Some people never learn. This darkly comic one-act depicts a nonsensical and increasingly menacing tutorial between a deranged professor and an obtuse pupil — an encounter laced with unsparing critiques of learning, authority and sexual politics. Written in 1950, 'The Lesson' has endured as one of Eugene Ionesco's classic absurdist plays, famous for the comic proportions and bizarre effects that allow his work to be simultaneously hilarious, tragic and profound. "Startling and often brilliant. The lack of spiritual content in our civilization has been the major outcry of European drama since Ibsen. Ionesco has carried this idea to the climactic point of savage caricature." — Harold Clurman
True North: Dolores & Lila On The Wall  | Open: 05/20/09 Close: 05/24/09
The Collective presents
An evening of two one-acts written by Edward Allan Baker
**LILA on the WALL presented with special permission from Edward Allan Baker

Directed by Michele Chivu and Suzannah Quincy Beard

Performed by members of The Collective:
Craig Butta, Victoria Dicce*, Brielle Silvestri and Melissa Rindell

Lila on the Wall follows a reporter and her cameraman on one night during what may be the last, best report of her career, and possibly the most important night of her life.

In Dolores, Sandra is home alone, enjoying her weekly break from her husband and kids, when her older sister Dolores shows up with a black eye, courtesy of the latest in her string of bad husbands. It becomes clear that Dolores is unwelcome, because she’s an explicit reminder of the brutality Sandra tries to overlook in her own apparently comfortable life. A drama/comedy with the rough Rhode Island demeanor like The Sopranos and the irreverence of Laverne & Shirley. In the author's own words, it's "the story of two sisters drawn together because of domestic violence which influences the lives of both characters more than they've ever admitted."

-32 plays to his credit—most notably, Dolores
-on the playwriting faculty of The Actors Studio MFA Program, Pace University (current)
-1 of 10 writers chosen to attend The Sundance Film Institutes writers conference (1991)
- received numerous awards in film festivals for the short film Dolores (1989-1991)
- was presented with "The 25th Anniversary Award for Theatrical Excellence" by EST

An Equity approved showcase.
*These Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association.