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A Marriage Of Convenience  | Open: 01/16/08 Close: 02/02/08
What happens when an urbane, successful author wants to run for the Senate and happens to be gay? Advised by his PR man that his sexual identity will lead to his defeat he is persuaded to take a wife. Ironically the woman he chooses, his secretary, happens to be a lesbian, just one of the many twists and turns when The TSP Artists' Platform presents A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE, Norman Beim's biting comedy that spoofs sex and marriage, and offers a sparkling commentary on the political scene today.

*Richard Brundage - Miles McKenzie
Bernard Burlew - Patrick Bliss
Tara Gadomski - Diane Stewart
Todd Reichart - Gary Vincent
Meghan Ritchie - Bridget Bliss

Norman Beim - Playwright & Director
John W. Cooper - Producer & Artistic Director
Ryan Scott - Set Design
David Roy - Lighting & Sound Design
Whitney Locher - Costume Design
Denise Blacker - Stage Manager
Jeremy Handelman - Marketing & Publicity Director

*Member Actors Equity Association
An Equity Approved Showcase

Jewel Thieves  | Open: 09/19/07 Close: 10/07/07
Reminiscent of the great screwball film comedies of the 1930's, JEWEL THIEVES adds a clever note of suspense to the laugh-inducing plot twists that are brought to rich life by Norman Beim's extremely witty dialogue. A mysterious stranger is invited into the elegant country home of aging film legend Gloria Desmond, where he encounters a lovely young countess and a substitute butler. But is anyone really who they claim to be, especially when their names are Alfred, Lynne and Harold Busby? Or is it Busby Harold? The intrigue builds as their attention focuses on Gloria's precious jewel, the legendary Mandarin necklace.

The Valley Press called the Santa Cruz production of JEWEL THIEVES "A glittering feast...a hilarious ride to what becomes a full fledged mystery." JEWEL THIEVES features a stellar cast with Broadway veteran Gerrianne Raphael, Davis Hall, Marnie Klar and Adam Raynen.

Written & Directed by Norman Beim
Produced by John W. Cooper
Scenic Design - Ryan Scott
Costume Design - Christina Giannini
Lighting Design - Lisa Weinshrott & Michael L. Kimmer
Dramaturg - Scott McCrea
Marketing & Publicity - Jeremy Handelman

Davis Hall*
Marnie Klar*
Gerrianne Raphael*
Adam Raynen*

*Members of Actors' Equity Association
Equity Approved Showcase