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The Two Gentlemen of Verona  | Open: 09/06/07 Close: 09/15/07
Directed by Erik Lurz, this early Shakespeare comedy is transported from Renaissance Italy to 1931 New York City.

Proteus and Valentine were inseparable for most their young lives...until Proteus falls in love with the naïve Julia, and Valentine, searching for work and adventure, leaves for The Emperor's Court, a ritzy speak-easy in Manhattan run by a powerful businessman turned bootlegger known only as "the Duke". Proteus reunites with Valentine only to find Valentine has fallen in love with the Duke's daughter, the stunning Silvia, and plans to run away with her, and away from Proteus. Proteus decides to win Silvia for himself, even though he is engaged to Julia, scheming his way to a position of trust with the Duke, and using that position against his friend.

Shakespeare's language remains intact, but it is soaked with booze, set in motion with Jazz and Blues, and spoken over cocktails and cigarettes, a story of betrayal set in a dark chapter in American history.

Featuring Katherine Emily Mills, Zack Zimbler, Kelly Rosenblatt, John Buxton, Adam Reich, Caroyln Demisch, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Michael Dulev, T.J. Fix, Max Hambleton, and Chris Beier. Produced by Erik Lurz, Katherine Emily Mills, Montgomery Sutton, and Patrick Rutnam. Lights and Sound Designed by Vadim Ledvin and Shawn Duan. Stage and Set Designed by Carla Cruz. Costumes Designed by Nicole Quinones and Christina Hernandez. Music Composed and Directed by Nicholas Isles.