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Latin Lives  | Open: 09/17/07 Close: 09/23/07
MARSON PRODUCTIONS, LA LUZ PRODUCTIONS, AND IVELISSE PRODUCTIONS are pleased to announce the return of the hilarious comedy LATIN LIVES. This time celebrating its 15th anniversary with its most diverse Latino cast to date. LATIN LIVES is a journey inward through the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of being Latino in today's New York City.

LATIN LIVES is written by Robert L. Maisonett and Lourdes Cuadrado and each character was lovingly created. At long last there is a theatre piece that addresses various facets within Latino culture. It is a refreshing departure from the downbeat and often negative portrayals of the Latin experience. This run of the production promises to challenge commonly held misconceptions, aiming to enlighten as well as entertain. It is a comedy rife with hilarious moments, but also has its share of thought-provoking passages.

At first glance, LATIN LIVES seems as though it is depicting unrelated situations. However, as this cult hit unfolds it takes the audience through interconnected vignettes, each in turn amusing and often touching. It makes for some of the most pleasurable hours of theatre that Latin American writers have offered in quite some time. This production will be showcasing an impressive group of actors with a marvelous array of fresh talent.

LATIN LIVES was first performed September 1992 in Greenwich Village and since then it has garnered an exceedingly positive responses with each incarnation of the show. Latinos and non-Latinos alike have begged for more. The play is truly universal and each audience member can relate. Being Latino is not a requirement to enjoy this production.

With a new cast, a few added touches, and some exciting surprises, this promises to be the most exciting run of this beloved play. We hope to see you there!