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"A Handful Of Dust"-An Original Rockin Wild West Show!  | Open: 08/24/07 Close: 08/26/07
Pack on your pistols, pull on your boots, summon your courage, and if you dare, ride into Indian Valley...the safe haven for the deadliest outlaws in society, where almost all of the residents have a reward on their head. Anything goes in this untamed town...except the law...

This is the story of Sally Clanton, a singer at the town's notorious Bloody Bullet Saloon, where one's so likely to end up in his grave after a visit, the undertaker set up an office inside! Get ready to face savage Coyote Indians, ruthless Mexican gangs, blazin gunfights, hard rockin guitars, and a double-barrel blast of original wild west action in this nitty gritty modern musical western with plenty of twists and turns, as Sally Clanton tries to get more out of life than...A HANDFUL OF DUST!