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Horizon Of Hope  | Open: 10/13/11 Close: 10/16/11

Thespian Production LLC is a theater production company with bases in New York and South West Florida.  Thespian is a springboard/platform for aspiring local directors and actors, the company’s success has been built on personal public relations and support from local communities.  Thespian’s current agenda is to provide opportunities for teenagers and young adults in community based homes, and bring affordable quality theater to these local communities.  Future ambition or goal is to build on the current platform on a national basis; providing an alternative avenue for tomorrow’s aspiring entertainment industry hopefuls.


Domestic Violence is an issue that affects families and communities throughout the United States. It occurs among all ages, socioeconomic levels, professions, ethnicities and religions. Domestic violence may include, among other things, physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. Victims can be of any age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status.

Thespian Production’s mission for this production is to raise awareness and education by showcasing plays involving domestic violence and Human Trafficking.

A Different Kind of Love

Written by Charlotte Cox

Directed by Bob Teague & Co-Directed by Flor Bromley

This story depicts Angela’s struggle to become free from the cycle of domestic abuse.  It shows her courage leaving an abusive husband, to venture across the country to start a new life, and her determination to shed the lasting, haunting effects domestic violence can have. Through it all, Angela deals with the highs and lows, learns to regain her self-worth and believe in those around her. This play shows, with strength, it is possible to escape the cycle of abuse and that love and friends is still a real, enduring truth.

Drawn from Water
Written by Rosebud Ben-Oni
Directed by Bob Teague & Co-Directed by Flor Bromley
A woman has spent her entire life running across the U.S.-Mexican border-- as a decoy, so others can cross. After the death of her smuggler, she finds herself in an impossible situation in which she must finally cross or pay the ultimate price: her life, which she has not yet lived.

Raging Love

Written by Charlotte Cox

Directed by Bob Teague & Co-Directed by Flor Bromley

Kristen has suffered 7 years of abuse from her husband.  This is her story of abuse – from feeling the lowest of lows and learning to celebrate the highest of highs.  Kristen tells of escaping her abuse and learning to love herself and life again.



Performed by Adriana Devers

Imperial Garden Revisited  | Open: 09/22/11 Close: 09/24/11
    "One being perceived as another only to be lost in the invasion of the inner self."

Evening of 3 orginal one act plays involving social issues.





Written by Allan Bates.  Directed by Sonia Jacquez

A woman is reading late at night in her living room when a younger man breaks into her house.  She had been a teacher in prison; he had been an inmate student, incarcerated for murder.  The intrusion ends with positive results.


Written by Robert Anthony.  Directed by Chrissy Laboy

Two longtime friends, Sammy and Ernie, meet almost daily to read and discuss the changes in their thinking, society in general, and the neighborhood. They have not seen their friend, Abie, the pickle salesman, since he lost his store. Abie suddenly appears and is now peddling pickles on the street. Sammy and Ernie are pleased to see him and he goes on his way. Abie’s daughter, Sarah, appears. She is frantically searching for her father. She tells them he is not well and should be home in bed. Sammy and Ernie help in the search, only to return and find Abie leafing through a book. Since he is now living with Sarah, she takes him home with her. Sammy and Ernie return to their reading.


Written by Charlotte Cox.  Directed by Philip M. Waller

Bernie and Jill have been married for 22 years, since they’ve been in college. They are now in their 40’s and after many years, are complacent and bored with their life together, and have been introduced to the concept of an open marriage.  Will this new idea bring them closer together or will underlying issues tear them apart?

Laughing Till It Hurts  | Open: 07/10/10 Close: 07/10/10
Live comedy showcase. Music by DJ Chase. Tickets Online: $20.00 including one complimentary drink. Tickets at door: $25.00 including one complimentary drink.



The Imperial Garden Of Disillusion  | Open: 01/06/10 Close: 01/10/10
"One being perceived as another only to be lost in the invasion of the inner self."

Four original one act plays of comedy and drama.

The Art of Negotiation takes place in a political meeting room wherein a Representative of a powerful country is enlisting the aid of a foreign Colonel. In a cheery voice, the Representative tells the Colonel his country must be destroyed. After the initial shock of this statement, the Colonel realizes he must somehow re-forge a relationship with the Representative for the sake of his country's future.

CONGOJA by Rosebud Ben-Oni
Once trafficked over the border, one Mexican woman's desire for revenge puts an entire family in danger including the very man who risked his life to bring her to the States.

A young Puerto Rican man and an older white businessman confront each other in a park. Each has a clearly defined stereotypical vision of the other. Through conversation they find references to childhood upon which they attempt to find common ground. This only brings a more dramatic potentially violent confrontation and a disastrous ending that leaves the audience deciding the outcome.

MORE PASTA by Leon Kaye
An Italian grandma who discovers nutrition, and goes a little overboard.

Undiscovered Talent 2 one-act plays  | Open: 08/13/07 Close: 08/19/07
"The inconvenience of death and friendship", is one-act comedy play that presents the challenges and inconveniences of life, death and friendship. Marlene adds a new challenge to her friendship with Lillian, Mary and Josh, after she murders her husband, writtten by Lisa Haeber

"Clash & Learn"Str8 vs Gay" is a comedy drama about C.J.- aspiring Rapper who is about to make it (blow up) in the recording industry comes in contact with Chad James -Gay Activist/Advocate-GMAD (Gay Men of African Descent) where chance meeting takes place,nyc street, written by Ervon Neely.