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Washing Machine  | Open: 06/22/07 Close: 07/07/07
At times wondrous and whimsical - at times savage and harrowing - WASHING MACHINE is playwright Jason Stuart's bracing and lyrical new solo performance piece. Michael Chamberlin directs this one-woman show starring Dana Berger that traces the mysterious death of a 5-year-old girl inside a small town Laundromat washer and the community that wrestles with the consequences of the tragedy. Inspired by actual events.

Starring Dana Berger. Movement by Brendan McCall. Sets by Akiko Kosaka. Lights by Ben Kato. Sound by Elizabeth Rhodes. Costume by Amanda Bujak. Stage Management by Laine Goerner.

FIST IN THE POCKET is a bold new theatre company developing work that is fierce, funny, visceral and elegant. We brew live performances that are a mixture of the traditional and the bizarre. Through intimate performance and impeccable design, we craft gritty & humorous portraits of outcasts and misfits in sublime situations of hilarity and heartache.