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Sitting In Limbo  | Open: 07/17/07 Close: 07/22/07
It's finally summer in the city and tropical temperatures provide a scaffold for tropical themes. The critically-acclaimed stage play, "Sitting in Limbo" -- based loosely on the events following a sabotaged 1980s revolution on a small eastern Caribbean island -- returns for a six-day run in the heart of New York's Theatre District after a successful spring run in Brooklyn.

Sitting In Limbo, is about the extraordinary and riveting relationship between two women in conflict. Yvonne Campbell, a prisoner awaiting the death sentence for murder of the Prime Minister is at loggerheads with the prison warden, Nita George. In this emotionally charged, captivating and funny drama, two women from different socio-economic spheres find themselves locked up together. The two come to blows, then they sing, then they dance, then they try to get out of Limbo.

This award-winning play by UK based Dawn Penso and Judy Hepburn has kept audiences on the edges of their seats on both continents. The play is a complex mix of history, idealism, ideologies, egos, wills, narcissism, politics, development, clientilism, and sex, all within the cauldron called the Caribbean basin. Compelled by the unfolding drama, audiences participated by yelling insults, taking sides with one character after the other, cursing those characters whom we hear about through the characters on stage. Audiences simply lost hold of the observer role and wrapped themselves in the role of participants. They were totally immersed. Educational and riveting, following each performance, members of the audience remained in the theatre to discuss the themes and content of the play.

Playwrights: Dawn Penso and Judy Hepburn; Director: Patricka Dallas