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The Long Ride Home - a journey in 791 miles  | Open: 07/20/07 Close: 07/22/07
How far would you go to get the one you want...back? THE LONG RIDE HOME is a journey of first love, lost love and second chances. In 1994, we meet a young Paul and James as they take a road trip to Savannah where they suddenly find their relationship to be more real than they ever expected. Frightened by the possibilities, they part ways. Seven years later, we meet an older and hopefully wiser Paul and James, portrayed by two different actors, who decide to give their relationship a second chance. But some wounds never heal. As James struggles to battle his addictions, Paul loses more than he ever thought possible. Will the two overcome their past and be able to love each other, imperfections and all? And will the many roads they travel finally lead them back home?

This production contains adult themes and nudity