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Following the Yellow Brick Road...Down the Rabbit Hole  | Open: 08/14/07 Close: 08/21/07
The award-winning "Following the Yellow Brick Road...Down the Rabbit Hole" features a breath-taking performance by Terri Campion who seamlessly and dramatically leaps from character to character as she traces the heated struggles of Cissy, a young Catholic girl struggling to learn if there is a way to have a fun and happy life and STILL get into heaven when we die.

Recipient of the 2007 Jerry Kaufman Award for excellence in playwrighting, "Following the Yellow Brick Road...Down the Rabbit Hole" is a poignant, witty and skillfully executed exploration of sexuality, Catholicism and growing up a late bloomer. In the course of her journey we meet friends, mothers, nuns, priests, siblings and a jolly janitor, all who have their own philosophy on life, and all brought to life in a remarkable and often humorous one-woman show where the author plays all 18 roles, many of them "on stage" at the same time. "Terri is diverting, touching and illuminating all evening long," says veteran director Aaron Frankel, author of "Writing the Broadway Musical".

Stage Manager & Lighting Designer - TaShawn "Pope" Jackson

Executive Producer - Jeremy Handelman