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3-Legged Dog’s curated artist residency program identifies artists and groups on the cusp of artistic and organizational growth who can make the most use of the opportunity. The residency program gives participating artists working on large-scale ambitious experimental artworks long-term access to space, 3LD’s state-of-the art lighting, sound, video and digital control and authoring systems, as well as providing technical and administrative assistance.

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Production History

Doppelganger  | Open: 06/23/07 Close: 07/21/07
The story of two office drones—a network engineer, George, and a human resources executive, Marcia—coming to terms with the sudden death of their mutual acquaintance, Frank. Frank dies by falling from his office window to his death while joking with George. Simultaneously, the same Frank is having an affair in the office across the street with Marcia. Time and space play tricks on the two protagonists, haunting, perplexing and tempting them to open up its mysteries and come to an understanding of Frank's death and their own existence.
Fire Island  | Open: 04/10/08 Close: 05/03/08
FIRE ISLAND takes on several forms: an extremely wide format HD video work, a large scale panoramic multimedia installation/performance with 3-dimensional video and spatial sound as well as an ongoing interactive web component. A giant rear projection screen will show multiple perspectives, collaged into one giant array of imagery. All at once, the viewer will experience a couple falling in love from their perspective, close up, from a distance, as a voyeur peeping through the window, as well as the details of the environment around them (the weathered, salted boardwalk or the decaying pine needles). Using invisible Eyeliner screens multiple layers of video will also pop up in thin air, surrounding and sometimes hiding the performers.

FIRE ISLAND involves 108 artists, including the Tuvan throat singer Albert Kuvezin. Kuvezin's album Re-Covers, which is specified in the script, consists of covers of popular songs (including Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and Iron Butterfly's "In a Gadda Da Vida") performed with Tuvan overtone singing and traditional Tuvan instruments. Kuvezin will travel from Tuva to perform in the piece both on video and live.

Rods And Cables  | Open: 03/16/09 Close: 04/11/09
RODS AND CABLES is a wild, vulgar and cartoonish look at desire and despair. Human nature is examined at its most instinctual and unmannered. The thrills of youth are shown to be fleeting and artificial, but nonetheless exhilarating. This ambitious multimedia production creates wild chaos with its elaborate bizarre designs (pools of applesauce, a circus ring, 100 household lamps) and compelling characters (The Sultry Flight Attendant, That Woman, The Sexy Clown, The Little Man with a Big Costume). Come see the awesome beauty in this nasty adult world.

The Only Tribe  | Open: 11/28/08 Close: 12/20/08
Conceived by Roland Gebhardt, this unique theatrical experience animates 80 geometric masks by Gebhart with choreography by Peter Kyle, video design by Reid Farrington, and music by Stephen Barber. Opening night is slated for December 3.

THE ONLY TRIBE is a fantasia that blends together masks, movement and sociology in an abstract interpretation of a short story by Rebecca Bannor-Addae. This mythical tale explores how identity creates relationships, stirs conflicting tribal identities, and leads to eventual chaos. The distinct geometric shapes of the masks are employed in an exploration of individual identity and the formation of group identities. Through ritualistic movement, sets of masks interact with lighting and projected images to conjure strong visual imagery while music and sound provide emotional contrast and congruency. THE ONLY TRIBE cannot be defined by style or ethnicity; rather, visual elements, sound and movement combine to create a unique theatrical experience.