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Crossroads  | Open: 07/16/09 Close: 08/02/09
Howling Moon Cab Company presents


Written by Meri Wallace

The place to get a cut, a perm or change your life.

There’s trouble at Crossroads hair salon. Wing wants to sell. Angela is trying to leave her husband. Nicole is having an affair. Frank wants to be white and Guisseppe discovers that Manhattan women want lawyers, not hairdressers. When someone trashes the shop, the culprit must be found and the rest help each other to make over their lives.

Running time: 90 minutes

Venue: The MainStage Theater - 312 W. 36th St., 4th floor

The Shadow-Pier  | Open: 07/16/07 Close: 08/05/07
A drama with classic film-noir overtones. In 1952, "The Shadow-Pier," a film about gangsters and star-crossed lovers is abruptly sized by the F.B.I. due to its "un-American" subject matter and possible Communist taint.

Fifty years later, the movie's creator is contacted by a mysterious man offering to sell him a copy of that long-lost film. Thus begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse, which quickly draws the F.B.I., who still has an interest in the matter, into the mix. And with almost everybody connected with the film having died under unhappy circumstances, "The Shadow-Pier" has acquired a "cursed" status among conspiracy buffs. But that can't really be true, or can it?

In a world where desiring something too much can be a very dangerous thing. sometimes the past is best left buried. Part of the Eighth Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival