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Just Shut Up & Smile!  | Open: 03/16/09 Close: 04/04/09
Just Shut Up & Smile! reveals the secret world that fester inside a woman’s mind…amongst other areas. Utilizing both multi-media and song, explore the modern feminine psyche (no, not psycho) of several women and a few innocent bystanders caught in the crossfires; you know them, you are them, you’ve heard of them or you gosh darn, didn’t know they existed! Fighting their way through the swell of Societies schizophrenic sense of self and ultimately with themselves. (Insert evil laugh here.)

Outroverted  | Open: 07/17/07 Close: 08/04/07
A show for the chronically unaccepted, Outroverted shows "reality" through the colorful eyes of those who are different; frustrated gamer geeks, fat lunatic wenches, struggling black actors, closeted virgins, and socially stifled women.

Five shows. Five voices. Countless moments of awkwardness.

Premiering shows, written and performed by, Simona Berman (No Boundaries), Brian Bielawski (Out of Character) Craig Durante (Holding Out), Richie McCall (Me & Steppin') and Susan Rankus (Renaissances).