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A Line in the Sand  | Open: 07/20/07 Close: 07/25/07
"A Line in the Sand" is a documentary-style, one-person play about the Columbine High School shootings. On April 20, 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris shot and killed twelve students, a teacher, and themselves, as well as injuring twenty-three others. It was a defining moment in America's teen culture and our recent history. Personally, I needed to find out more about this massacre. After allowing for a six-month grieving process, I flew out to Littleton, Colorado to talk to members of the community. Over the span of a year, I spoke with more than sixty people including: injured students, a young woman who was friends with both the killers and one of the victims, the parents of the only black student who was murdered, police officers, the pastor at the scene, teachers, and reporters. Using their exact words, I create a tapestry of the tragedy that occurred in this upper middle class community. I incorporate the words of the killers by using text from videotapes they made prior to the massacre that was published in Time Magazine. I also use a video clip from 60 Minutes, during which an excerpt from the boys' private journals is read. There are twenty-three characters in the play.

This horrific moment in our history drew a line in the sand for our society. The people of the Columbine community express their concerns with how the modern world is progressing. Issues raised are accessibility to guns, parents' disassociation from their children, the effects of violent movies and video games, teasing, bullying, and the pressures of teen peer groups. One student recalls her experience in the library during the shootings. One mother deals with her grief by planting a piece of the sidewalk on which her son died in her garden. A pastor grapples with questions of faith and morality. A young girl expresses her confusion at having to decide which funeral to go to, the one for her friend the killer, or the one for her friend the victim.