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The Curse of the Smart Kid  | Open: 06/23/07 Close: 06/25/07
Academic Genius. Real-life Idiot. A one-man ride with slides, donuts, dancing girls, hula hoops and the occasional magician. Join Smart Kid for a detailed yet surprisingly breezy analysis of his unfortunate early education, and, finally, a compelling, tragic glance into the fiasco of his personal life

with Special Guest Stars:
Howling Vic (June 23) and her hula hoops! Albert Cadabra (June 24) and his magic! & Nasty Canasta (June 25) and her pasties! Donuts every night.

Wuthering High  | Open: 02/10/05 Close: 02/26/05
When fate, in the form of a high school science projects, pairs Catherine Earnshaw with the richest boy in class, she chooses popularity over Heathcliff, her best friend and unrequited lover. The resulting melee leaves one principal in jail, one princess in England, one poet in military school, one outsider insane and two geeks in love. Think High School, as only Emily Bronte could have imagined it.