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Dark Of The Moon  | Open: 06/15/07 Close: 07/07/07
Thirsty Turtle Productions modern retelling of this theater classic explores the relationship between sexuality and the power of religion in America. Set deep in the Appalachian mountains, DARK OF THE MOON is a timeless tale of magic, fate and doomed romance. From the moment the audience hears young Barbara sing the lyrics to her favorite song about a young witch boy who falls in love with a mountain girl, they know that the future of the two young lovers will not be good. Despite the fact that their fate has been decided, that they are forever stuck in a history that seems to cycle like the refrain of a song, the characters in the play, as well as the audience watching, cling to the hope that perhaps just this once things will turn out all right. And if they don't, at least there is a lesson to be learned.