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House  | Open: 04/24/08 Close: 04/26/08
House is stand-up sit-down one-man comedy nightmare about Victor, a man on the edge.

Meet Victor, the epicenter of House:

"My mother is possessed by the devil. My father is the saddest man in the world. My sister is in love with a dog. The one I love does not love me...and I've got nowhere to live."

Monster  | Open: 04/23/08 Close: 04/25/08
Monster is an incredible one-man show about the nature of evil.

Avery Pearson transforms himself into a series of characters whose lives seem eerily related in an acting tour-de-force that will turn your world upside down.

The Hunt for Treasure  | Open: 06/26/07 Close: 07/08/07
Five Stars – Toronto Fringe Festival

For the adolescent odd-couple Jason and Mark, it starts off as another weekday morning - sitting around, chasing cats in the park. But during a game of Bottle-bee, they discover a mysterious pirate's treasure map and EVERYTHING changes. A comedic quest ensues through a bizarre fantasy world that ultimately tests their friendship.

"Comic chemistry to treasure... Enjoy the journey" - View Magazine

"...the audience at the show I saw guffawed loudly throughout" - CBC

Please note: This show is for mature audiences only.