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Funeral!  | Open: 11/15/07 Close: 11/17/07
The staff of Betty-Jo's Funeral Parlor cordially invites you to mourn the timely death of Adolfo Heliodoro Mendoza, who you may have heard died under somewhat mysterious circumstances in his cushy Upper West Side apartment. Flowers and eulogies are welcome, but do keep those creepy rumors you've heard outside the door. After all, Halloween's over...
It's All Goode  | Open: 10/04/07 Close: 10/06/07
A pirate sets sail in search of his long lost sea-wench of a mother. A criminal defense attorney is irresistably attracted to the convict she's defending. A woman in a bath towel rushes to a private detective's office at midnight to inform him she's just been murdered. A young girl hunts yetis, a man is terrorized by ninjas, and a newborn baby gets tossed into salty tumultuous waters ... but has more gusto than expected.

If you're going to sit in the front row, you might want to bring along a handkerchief. Or maybe a helmet.

Murder Me Always  | Open: 05/17/07 Close: 05/20/07
Inspector Mamet of the NYPD cordially invites you to attend this performance. Before RSVP-ing, guests should be aware that a cunning and despicable murderer will likely be in attendance. In the unfortunate event that not all attendees or performers manage to survive the evening, everyone remaining alive will be called upon to aid the inspector in finding the killer.

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues  | Open: 12/11/08 Close: 12/22/08
Naughty or nice?  And we ain't talking about the kids.  Santa Claus has been accused of sexual harassment by Vixen, and each reindeer gives his and her take on the situation.  A comedy for adults.