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DICK II (a.k.a. Richard II)  | Open: 06/21/07 Close: 07/08/07
Biting mockery, searing nihilism, maddening cronyism, mounting betrayal, dizzying duplicity, absurd hypocrisy, outrageous narcissism, masochism and sadism, and, most significantly, exquisite poetry...and that's only in the first ten minutes, folks! What happens when a sensitive poetic boy becomes king of the world's most powerful nation at 10? Without Prozac, the odds don't look good. What does look good is the story of Shakespeare's Richard II: one of the most lyrical, brilliant, eloquent, and radical of the bard's plays. Bursting at the seams with poets and thugs, fantasia and realism, martyrdom and brutality, DICK 2 offers one of the most mesmerizing political and psychological tales ever told. Even more tantalizing is that it's now being revived by one of the city's most innovative, young theater companies.
The Tragedy of John  | Open: 04/26/07 Close: 05/13/07
John hates everything – and since he has everything, he's pretty miserable. Lucky for him, he finds a way to throw it all away!

"The Tragedy of John" is brought to you by the producers of last summer's successful run of "The Ocean Is Big And The Sky Is Blue," at the American Theatre of Actors, and of The Brooklyn Repertory Shakespeare Company's "Monday Night Shakespeare," currently running at the Brooklyn Lyceum in Park Slope. Theatre of the Expendable (TotE) is committed to providing a steady flow of quality theatre whose hallmark is our member artists' passion for their work. Most recently, TotE Artistic Director and "The Tragedy of John" producer Jesse Edward Rosbrow produced the successful production of "Hello, My Name Is..." at Theatre Row's Lion Theatre.

About the playwright: Neal Zupancic is the Director of the Brooklyn Repertory Shakespeare Company (BRSC) , and has directed its inaugural production, "The Tragedie of Cymbeline." About the director: Corinne Neal is a member of the upcoming 2007 Lincoln Center Directors Lab.

Three Sisters  | Open: 12/04/08 Close: 12/21/08
With only six actors playing all the roles, Theatre of the Expendable will be presenting Chekhov's original story, the story of how we wish for what we won't get, of how we haggle over an unknown future, and of how time ruins us all in a new way. Presented true to the original script and staged in a nontraditional method, Theatre of the Expendable will bring Three Sisters back to Chekhov's comedic tradition. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll see something very new and yet very familiar. You've seen Chekhov, but you've never seen it like this.

THREE SISTERS features David Ian Lee*, Clinton Lowe*, Caitlin McColl*, Kendall Rileigh*, Alexander Yakovleff, and Morgan Anne Zipf.