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Static & The Treatment  | Open: 04/12/07 Close: 04/14/07
FREE BEER AND SOFT DRINKS........keep reading!!!

STATIC is set in a New York City apartment in the Upper West Side. The play examines the thin line between truth and paranoia.
THE TREATMENT is a comedy in one act about an adventure at the doctors office.

The Director
EMILY GIPSON was born in a brothel off the coast of Sri Lanka. Upon a series of mishaps involving a sponge, two toaster ovens and an umbrella Emily was deported via a cargo ship at an early age. After being at sea for what seemed months she ended up in New York City with nothing but the clothes on her back. After a few classes (online) she decided to take up directing. Lucky for the cast this isn't her first is her second. Enjoy.

The Cast
ADAM SHATARSKY is proof that evolution exists. After 672 years as a wombat he morphed into what you see before you. Although unable to speak English he does communicate by odd grunts and deep breaths. Just don't ask him to dance...his legs are still a little, well, wombatish. Thank you to who ever showed him the razor.

CONNOR FUX comes from tradition. He was conceived on an Indian burial ground from an unknown location. All we do know about his lineage is his parents are from the often heard but rarely seen Teletubby clan. Embarrassed by the fact that he had purple skin he underwent not one but thirteen operations to change his appearance. Successful as it may have been if you catch Connor in the right light you can still see hints of his purple skin.

GRAHAM POWELL is a gentle blend of quick wit, boyish charm and Haribo gummi bears. He also suffers from the only positive disorder that exist which is known as "the hot flash" Literally his skin heats up to 108 degrees celcius causing everything in a six mile radius to combust. After advances in science and a special jump suit he can now be a productive member of society.

April 12th,13th,14th at 8:00pm~1hour 15minutes

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