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REQUIEM AETERNAM DEO - A Play For Everyone and Nobody  | Open: 03/22/07 Close: 04/15/07
Zarathustra, the awakened one, through whom a god dances, will bring his
sacred and secret gift to humanity: an eternal requiem for god. Will man
become ripe enough to witness his woe in the very naked eyes of
Zarathustra, and laugh? Will he endure the continuous bewilderment of
overcoming fear and pity? Will he become child enough to create beyond
himself and thereby perish? When the time comes, will we be ready to
take off our shoes and feel the earth? This is a confrontation with the
idea of being a part of and being apart from the sacred eternity.

The Nietzsche Circle is proud to present Requiem Aeternam Deo, a new
play based on Friedrich Nietzsche's 1883 ‘philosophical novel,' Thus
Spoke Zarathustra, written and directed by Fulya Peker.

Ms. Peker is a Turkish-born poet, playwright and director. She is a
2003 graduate of Ankara State Conservatory, Turkey, with a BA in Drama,
and has received her MA in Theatre, Literature, History & Criticism from
Brooklyn College (2006). Requiem Aeternam Deo constitutes her US
directorial debut.