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TARANTELLA, a cultural-anthropological drama with music, dance, song, video and  | Open: 03/16/07 Close: 03/25/07
US premiere of TARANTELLA is a celebration of life expressed through the southern Italian traditional dance of the Tarantella and Pizzica in its original integrity. The performance will feature prominent singer and guitarist Dominic Mancuso, internationally renowned composer, violinist and accordionist Claudio Vena, acclaimed guitarist and mandolin player Silvio Simone, and showman percussionist Armando Borg. TARANTELLA will also feature original ballads, authentic costumes, animation, film clips and images. Dramatic dialogue will be in English, Italian and local Southern Italian dialect with subtitles in English.

The story is set in the South of Italy in the 1940s. An eighteen-year old girl and a twenty- year old boy have shared a bond of love for two years. Every day Paolo climbs the mountain where Caterina lives with her wealthy and respected landowning family. Their love is as innocent and real as the feeling of hope that followed the liberation of Italy from the darkness of WW2. The excitement of the unknown and a sense of good things to come are in the air. But everything seems to be changing too quickly, and an unexpected series of events, choices and missed opportunities, change the young lovers' lives forever.