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Cannoli Happen Again!  | Open: 06/17/08 Close: 06/29/08
"Can'noli Happen Again"

Come see what everyone has talked about the past 2 summers, with ALL BRAND NEW SKITS!


Two Italian American couples sit on a psychologists' couch and discuss their marital problems in a group setting. See if the Graffinino's and the Menichino's can save their marriages. Add a young ALL AMERICAN couple and get ready to be driven "Nuts" with laughs.


Join Rita and Betty two Brooklyn girls with their own public access television show. They bring you the SCOOP on what's happening in Bay Ridge, from their GAY hairstylist to local business owners, and even a local aspiring celebrity.


Join world renowned wildlife journalist Michael Bennet as he dares to enter a New Jersey nightclub in the heart of Guido Mating Season. Roar with laughs as Michael narrates the actions young Guido males will take in order to find the perfect mate.....for the evening!


Yankee tickets are hard to come by these days. You take what you can get, even if it means the last seat in the last row of The Stadium. What kinds of fans occupy those seats? A Suburban Attorney and his fiancée are about to find out. On one side 2 Long Island Stoner's on the other side, 3 loud New Jersey die hards. And right in the middle the loveable character - BRUNO!


This skit was so popular in the past we decided to bring it back. Nunzio Graffinino a local MOB BOSS, has been the Jeopardy champion for over 2 years now. He remains the Champion simply because every contestant along with the host of the show is petrified of him. Test your knowledge as well, with popular categories such as "Smack or Whack em", "Where to bury a guy" and "Paulie Walnuts Trivia". With categories like these how can Nunzio lose?


THE TRADITONAL ITALIAN SUNDAY DINNER is the traditional show stopping finale to our show each year. In the past Vinny an Italian Mama's boy has brought home several young ladies. None of them have been to Mamas liking. Vinny has brought home a Puerto Rican girl, Irish girl and even an African American named Lakisha. After a minor heart attack after Mama met Lakisha, MAMA'S BACK! This time Gina their oldest daughter has a dinner guest and normally quiet POP has plenty to say! Who knows maybe Vinny has another guest to bring to the table as well. Break out the Brioschi, from the meal and all the action, AGATA will be in the Finelli house.