Melissa Riker/Kinesis Project dance theatre

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Last Update: 02/26/07 10:00:11 AM
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Right Before You Fell  | Open: 03/22/07 Close: 03/25/07
In a quirky, playful and sensitive exhibition of athletic dance mixed with a dose of serenity, Melissa Riker & Kinesis Project dance theatre explore the full moments when something is NOT being said. RIGHT BEFORE YOU FELL presents new works ranging from the whimsical to the heartbreaking in a cohesive program. Footsteps criss-cross the stage in darkness, live music swells from a smooth feminine voice, a dancer tries to bite another, a secret has made its way through the audience, and doors hide truths. Where does the unsaid live between people? How do secrets escape? How can two people stay on the same page for more then seconds at a time? What happens right before you leave?