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Cigarettes And Chocolate  | Open: 02/28/07 Close: 03/04/07
Directed by The Alibi Theater Group Artistic Director, Jesse Ontiveros, and presented by Fool's Pearls Productions, CIGARETTES AND CHOCOLATE , was originally produced by the BBC in 1989 and won both the Giles Cooper Award and Sony Radio Academy Award for best new radio play. It is an often funny play about protest, passion and the futility of personal revelations that spill out in the claustrophobic comfort of the English middle class.

Anthony Minghella's wonderfully naturalistic and humorous dialogue in CIGARETTES and CHOCOLATE takes a poetic look at the fragmented and cluttered lives of a group of close friends in their late 20s/early 30s. Following along the lines of Plato's rule; the one who feels does not speak and the one who speaks does not feel -- the play centers on Gemma who, suddenly, gives up speaking. One by one her stunned and baffled friends -- boyfriend Rob, best friend Lorna , her not terribly secret admirer Alistair, and the eighteen week pregnant Gail--- find themselves ripped from their everyday routine of espresso-drinking and self- involvement to confront their own culpability – real or imagined – and in doing so, truly seeing each other...and themselves, for the first time.

Words, words and more words -- an affair, a pregnancy, burning monks, Bach and a bag lady -- the longer Gemma doesn't speak the more her friends do, thus revealing to her their secrets, fears, longings and, ultimately, their indifference to real suffering. Thru these monologues, Minghella examines the desperate need to communicate and at the same time, the inevitable disappointment and confusion that comes with over - or miscommunication. CIGARETTES and CHOCOLATE holds a mirror up to society and suggests that we live in a time which knows the price of everything but the value of nothing (thank you Mr. Wilde).

The CIGARETTES and CHOCOLATE cast includes Brandon Sevier Hillard, Helen Kim (seen in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill: Vol.2 as Karen Wong), Lisa Margolin, Hannah Mason, Casey McClellan, and Madeline Virbasius-Walsh.


Fool's Pearls Productions, a New York City-based theater company, was founded in 2002 by Acting Studio graduates, Matthieu Cornillon, Helen Kim, Hannah Mason and Madeline Virbasius-Walsh. For more information on the company and past productions please visit