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Make Me Look Like Halle Berry!  | Open: 05/02/07 Close: 05/06/07
Complete chaos breaks loose when a 6'3" 300 pound black woman from South Carolina with a bald head storms into a Brooklyn hair salon and demands a hair weave. Steven William, who has been mentored by a senior writer of both the The Cosby Show and Saturday Night Live, brings you this hilarious and uplifting short comedy about learning how to love and believe in yourself.

"Make Me look like Halle Berry" stars Dre Davis, Nyeesha Archer and Tamika Henderson

Make Me Look Like Halle Berry is presented with another short comedy, Pack Your Stuff and Leave, starring Daryl Denner (Soldier's Play), Ebony Coles, Rachel Skrod, Kimmie Nicole and Donna Marie. Will a black desperate housewife believe that her black husband is not fooling around with a white woman at work? Will she trust him or will she tell him, "Pack Your Stuff and Leave"? Also, before the show the talented Payal Payal performs a short monologue from Steven William's popular women's monologue series Sisters With Monologues.

*On 5/02/07 to 05/06/ 07 buy tickets at the door or buy tickets online at