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A Date For The Evening  | Open: 02/22/14 Close: 03/09/14
A Date for the Evening written and performed by Celestial Zenith, directed and choreographed by Shannon Stowe. One woman in the course of an evening takes on speed dating, struggling to connect with anyone to mend her broken past.



Bathtub Jen And The Henchmen  | Open: 02/20/13 Close: 03/03/13
Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen is a steampunk collaboration of prohibitionistic proportions!  Sneak into a world of slapstick, stand-up, and vaudeville with Jersey's finest speakeasy entrepreneur and her curmudgeonly ex-con husband as they embark on poorly judged money-making schemes, erotic escapades gone awry, run-ins with a keystone cop, and vignettes that include accordion, ukulele, clarinet, spoons, and trumpet. 

Chicken-fried Ciccone: A Twangy True Tale Of Transformation  | Open: 02/19/14 Close: 03/08/14
Armed with an acoustic guitar, actor-playwright J.Stephen Brantley reveals how he got from junkie to functional with a little help from the queen of reinvention. Chicken-Fried Ciccone is one man’s journey to heroin and back, set to countrified covers of new and classic Madge. Obie-winning master of the one man show David Drake directs.

Crazy Over Love  | Open: 03/09/07 Close: 03/18/07
One man comedy show exploring the trials and tribulations of overcoming a broken heart. Playing multiple character and using mime, clowning, and masks, David learns that what doesn't kill you makes you bitter...I mean poorer... I mean, well come see the show. You'll be glad you did!
Drowning Ophelia: A New Rock Musical  | Open: 02/25/12 Close: 03/04/12

After her self-proclaimed “tragic” drowning, Ophelia finds herself in purgatory with nothing to do but wait for the inevitable- Hamlet to arrive. What else does a girl do in her situation but start a band and head out on tour? Through Drowning Ophelia, we see one girl with a microphone, a rocking band of Shakespeare’s most lovable clowns, and the story of Hamlet told through an exciting theatrical concert of sex, drowning, and rock ‘n’ roll.
Exhotic Other  | Open: 02/20/13 Close: 03/03/13
How many layers must you lose to get to the center of yourself? Come join award-winning and critically acclaimed writer/performer Una Aya Osato and her burlesque alter ego exHOTic other for their newest solo work, as they take on the world and take off their clothes. Una’s previous work (Recess) has been called “a tour-de-force” by The Montreal Gazzette and received five (out of five) stars from Toronto’s Eyeweekly. She has also worked as a company member in Brown Girls Burlesque for the past five years, who have graced the pages of publications such as: Bust Magazine, The Advocate, The Village Voice, Time Out NY, TRACE, $pread Magazine, and were also featured in a video on entitled “Burlesque in Color.”

exHOTic otheris the newest solo show by Una Aya Osato (“Best Female Solo Show” San Francisco Fringe, “Audience Choice” and “SOLD OUT” awards FRIGID New York, nominee for “Outstanding Solo Performance” by the New York Innovative Theater Awards) and is making its world premiere at the 2013 FRIGID New York Festival. Una is also a company member of the New York’s preeminent burlesque troupe Brown Girls Burlesque.

Fear Factor: Canine Edition  | Open: 02/22/12 Close: 03/03/12
Fear Factor: Canine Edition is about the peculiar and misguided true adventures of a  man and his therapy dog.  Itʼs a culmination of finely woven and irreversibly moving  stories about John and his Bernese Mountain Dog, Abby.  At its core, it is a tale of  true love, of overcoming obstacles, while attempting to stare fear in the face. 

John Grady is an actor and a writer from New York City.  He starred off Broadway in  Spalding Gray: Stories Left To Tell and as a member of the original production of  Blue Man Group.  John performs on the Moth Mainstage in New York City and  Detroit.  His stories have aired on NPR, CBC Radio, and KCRW.  LA Weekly listed Fear Factor: Canine Edition as one of LAʼs top theatrical experiences of 2011.
Frigid Fringe Presents: Questions Of The Heart: Gay Mormons And The Search For Identity  | Open: 02/20/14 Close: 03/08/14
Ben, a straight Mormon guy caught in the middle between his church and his many close gay friends, attempts to understand the intersection of religious faith and sexual identity by interviewing gay and lesbian Mormons around the country. Ben Abbott plays both interviewer and subjects in this funny, challenging, and poignant one-man show based on actual interviews.

Questions of the Heart is almost certainly the first fringe play ever to have been performed successfully at both a Mormon church and a gay bar. 

Fucking Girls  | Open: 02/23/11 Close: 03/06/11
 Finally, a “bromance” for the stage...   FUCKING GIRLS is a hilarious and misguided romantic fantasy about a young man “sleeping” his way through his eccentric ex-girlfriends while en route to finding true love... with a couple of major speed bumps along the way. James has a lot of baggage to sift through and crazy ex-girlfriends ranging from cowboy nymphomaniacs, to crying neighbors and midget-loving earth mothers don't make it any easier! Don't miss this hilarious and brutally honest tale of love and loss.


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HEY '90S KIDS, YOU'RE OLD  | Open: 02/20/15 Close: 03/01/15
What if our favorite '90s characters had to grow up, like we did? This nostalgic sketch comedy show celebrates the last true decade by blending '90s pop culture with the present. Winner of Toronto Fringe 2014 "Patrons' Pick" and part of New York City's FRIGID Festival!

I-dj  | Open: 02/19/14 Close: 02/25/14
I-DJ is a story of Warren Peace aka Amado Guerrero Paz, a gay Mexican American youth who finds his calling as a DJ.  He spins the soundtrack of his life on the dance floor by night and by day in a gay send-up of Shakesqueer's Ham-a-lot set to a dub-step beat of ecstasy, tainted love, Rollerena and Herb Alpert. When a younger DJ challenges him to a musical standoff, their stories and their music collide. Only one will emerge triumphant.

 | Open: 02/24/10 Close: 03/07/10
 With delightful and poignant tales of a Southern Songstress and her gay family, Alex Bond and David Carson read selections from Ms. Bond’s novel and transport you to Dallas 1977, a magical time before HIV/AIDS, but not before ignorance and prejudice. A favorite at the 2008 San Francisco Fringe and the 2009 Fresh Fruit Festival.
A reclusive former Southern debutante/cabaret performer in her sixties, Anna Zander hires Craig Bauer to help her write about the best years of her life. She recounts the tales of singing in the gay leather bars of Dallas (when she looked like a drag queen and sang coloratura!). As she reveals memories, lessons, and losses… the collaboration on the book grows, and so does the friendship between Anna and Craig.

ADVISORY: adult language and content.

The selections will be read by Alex Bond (Flamingo Court), and David Carson (Nixon’s Nixon).

My Three Moms  | Open: 02/20/13 Close: 03/02/13

MY THREE MOMS:  One birthed her, one nursed her, one raised her.  Now she’s burying all three.  A daughter is called back to the red clay of Georgia to bury her three moms and shape her own identity.  Good Lord Almighty!  Who are all these crazy people at the funerals?!

The accomplished actress, Virginia Bryan, has written her first play – a one-woman show based on her life experience growing up with three consecutive mothers in the Bible Belt South.  The show played at the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival, the 2011 United Solo Theatre Festival at NYC’s historic Theatre Row, the 2012 Orlando International Fringe Festival, the 2012 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, and the 2012 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival.  In the play, Bryan plays herself and a slew of quirky characters, including family members and local towns people.  The main character is the matriarch of the highly-revered Georgia family, Aunt Zooie, who sugar-coats everything, including death by touting “we’ve got a life to celebrate” as she enters each funeral.  Dark family secrets are revealed throughout which build to the final climax where the daughter realizes that what she thought were truths were actually myths.  The show is funny, thoughtful, and heart-wrenching.

Sratch & Pitz Burlesque And Variety Hour  | Open: 02/21/12 Close: 03/04/12

Cherry Pitz (Cyndi Freeman*) and Scratch (Brad Lawrence) bring you some of New York’s finest burlesque, variety and comedy talent in an hour long comedy / melodrama / variety show. Scratch wants Cherry to sell him her soul in exchange for what she wants most. What she wants most is to do a duet act, like Sonny & Cher, Burns & Allen, Captain & Tennille. And Scratch, well, he has a quota to make. Comedy, music, mayhem, spinning tassels and flying underpants!

Featuring: Cherry Pitz, Handsome Brad, Apathy Angel, Amelia Bareparts, Rory Scholl, Peter Aguero and Lucille ti Amore!

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* * * * Time Out NY

It's a feeling of having stumbled into a bar outside of the space-time continuum, where the best bits of sexy 20th century aesthetics (early jazz, false eyelashes, garter belts) have been gathered together for some smart and sensual dancers to play with. -

The Giant's Causeways  | Open: 02/27/09 Close: 03/08/09
The Giant’s Causeways, asks the question, can the friendship between two boys, one Catholic, the other Protestant, stand up to the political and religious battles surrounding them in Northern Ireland in the 60's and 70's? Loosely based on a story told by her father who grew up in Belfast during the Troubles, McLaughlin tells her tale from a larger, empathetic perspective that no one side was right, weaving a fierce drama about rage, pain and death along with some Irish singing, whiskey drinking, and the moral choices we make every day.

The Terrible Manpain Of Umberto Macdougal  | Open: 02/23/12 Close: 03/03/12
Umberto MacDougal allows you to look through the window of his tragic manpain. With a beard full of tears and a melancholy guitarist playing a sorrowful tune, Umberto reveals the pain that men feel. 

Umberto MacDougal first reached the New York stage at Under St. Marks Theater at Penny's Open Mic. Since then, he's been around the city at Comedy Period, Sketch Block, Soul Glo, Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting's Daddy's Basement, The Trachtenburg Variety Hour, and several other comedy and variety shows. He's still unsure why he continues to be booked for comedy shows.

WHERE I'M FROM  | Open: 02/20/15 Close: 03/08/15
Being born into a dysfunctional family forced comedian Mike Lemme to be quiet. Lemme was quiet because he never knew how to relate to other kids. They would talk about things he knew nothing about like sports, movies, and video games, but if you wanted to talk about wetting the bed, low self-esteem, and visiting family in mental hospitals, Mike was your guy!

Now 25, Lemme is more aware of what’s happening in the world. By mixing his cultural observations with biographical material, Mike proves there are few things comedy can’t make better. “Where I’m From” is a stand-up comedy, coming-of-age story about struggle, survival, and scoliosis. Lemme uses the lessons he learned growing up to navigate life in New York City.

Working it Out  | Open: 02/27/08 Close: 03/09/08
What now?

She's obsessive. He's gay. The faucet's still leaking. And baby makes three.

Oh. And they're nine.

See what happens when two youngsters play a twisted game of house in Working it Out.

€Til Love Do Us Part  | Open: 02/22/12 Close: 03/03/12

"The graveyard. Two funerals. Two strangers. A wedding. An escape. A coffin. A curious young girl. A birth. Oddities of darkness and light come alive through intense emotion and intimacy. 'Til Love Do Us Part follows a seventy-year relationship. Through Life. Sex. Death. And most sickening of all, Love ."