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Other People - Existential Comedy About When Three Is A Crowd  | Open: 02/01/07 Close: 02/10/07
"Other People" tells the story of Alice and Greg, yuppies who have been dating since their sophomore year at Yale. She works in publishing, he works in finance and they should be well on their way to the wedding announcements in the Sunday Times, but their relationship is unraveling. In uncharacteristic act of spontaneity, they decide to go home with Krista, a struggling actress whose biggest claim to fame is a tampon commercial, after meeting her in a bar. The two women are each other's opposites, their fears and fantasies embodied. Alice is Asian/multiracial, sardonic and intellectual. Krista is blonde, bubbly and "All-American."

The piece explores the ways in which self-perception is created by others. The women have, ironically, spent much of their lives wishing to have the qualities and traits of the other person. They find themselves in an apartment, vying for the attention of a single man but end up confronting each other and their own deep-seated issues. Is hell really other people or just yourself?

Alice will be played by Joyce Wu, Greg by Evan Shafran and Krista by Amy Ludwigsen. The director is Genevieve Gearhart, lighting design is by Parker Pracjek.