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Lady ChardonnEy  | Open: 01/26/07 Close: 02/11/07
"Lady ChardonnEy" is hilarious farce about the lengths people go for love. With a wink and a nod to classic screwball comedies and film's greatest divas, the play features whip smart dialogue and a sassy leading lady.

Eternally 29-years-old, Lady ChardonnEy is a proud cabaret performer who lip syncs to old blues standards. Her fiancé, Sam Ranzoni, is a recently reformed Mafioso and frustrated artist. Lady ChardonnEy wants desperately to get married, but she is hiding a really big secret. Sam wants desperately to sleep with Lady ChardonnEy, but he hasn't been completely honest with his lady love. Will Lady ChardonnEy's secret be revealed? Will Sam finally come clean about his past? Can an over-the-top diva and a former Mobster find true love?

Nate & Bette  | Open: 08/03/07 Close: 08/26/07
New comedy from Julio Tumbaco & Jim Gibson directed by Dee Spencer
From the team behind the audacious LADY CHARDONNEY ("an entertaining little romp, with convincing performances across the board" '" NYTheatre.com), comes a witty new comedy about outlandish familial relations. Meet Nate, a very clever man who uses the intrigue of mental health to finance his life and dreams. His best friends, three stuffed birds and a trio of stuffed cats, feed his belief that he's a blindingly popular STAR, Nathan Lane in fact. His older sister, Bette, is a psychiatrist who counsels him at home to protect herself professionally, and manipulates Nate vis-à-vis his illness. Will Bette's common sense prevail or will Nate's created life prove too much to handle for either one of them?

The design team includes Caren C. Anhder (costume design), Elisha Schaefer (set design), Alex Moore (lighting design), Maritza Villafañe (production manager), Laurie Weber (fine artist) and Llima Orosa (photographer). Blaze Kelly Coyle serves as the stage manager.