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Soft Click of a Switch  | Open: 01/10/07 Close: 01/21/07
"Two strangers meet in a bar..." it's like the setup for a joke you've heard a thousand times. Enter Ed and Earl, crown princes of apathy and cynicism and the two most unlikely candidates for criminals on the planet. But Carter W. Lewis's award-winning play sends them on a sly and surreal excursion into a comically dreamlike world where even their own pasts are uncertain. Ed and Earl are about to learn they're just two ingredients: add a crack in the wall, a library book, and some air conditioner parts - it's a recipe that will push them over the line from tame to terrorism.

With Robert Baumgardner and James Leach.

Directed by Kip Rosser.

Stage Managed by Wendy Ouellette.