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Todd Conner's Metamorphoses  | Open: 01/06/07 Close: 03/03/07
Storytelling stripped to the bare essentials, Conner's Metamorphoses returns audiences to the very well-springs of the Western storytelling tradition. Conceiving, translating and adapting from Ovid, Conner reaches even further back than his ancient Roman source material to explore the poetic/rhapsodic tradition from which Ovid drew his inspiration. With only his voice, body, a few props, a minimum of light, and a harp (for which he also composed accompaniment), Conner's performance is a powerful reminder that in our age of relentless over-mediation and mass-entertainment, the human being remains the essential medium of artistic expression.

L.A. Weekly called Todd Conner "...a masterful storyteller with a body that twists into vivid physical images...." The Minneapolis Star-Tribune wrote that "...Conner proves that you don't need lots of fancy, special effects to create an atmosphere." Entertainment Weekly in L.A. described Metamorphoses as " absolute pleasure and perfect way to spend a night. A grand combination of art and entertainment, this play is as magical as the characters it portrays...this play is delivered from the gods."

Todd Conner, in addition to being a performer, is an award-winning playwright and accomplished stage director. He was a recipient of the L.A. Weekly Award for his acting work in They Shoot Horses, Don't They? at the Greenway Court Theatre in Hollywood, CA. His screenplay (with director Miguel Rueda) and performance in the film One Two Three... helped to merit an official selection and finalist mention in both the 2003 Hollywood Film Festival and Showtime Latino Filmmakers' Showcase.