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Love.com  | Open: 02/13/07 Close: 02/18/07
A romantic comedy about a young male on a quest for love and an understanding of love turns to his friends and the world wide web, ending up in a love triangle. Khaymen Jennings, a young handsome and successful African-American male, has a good job and great friends but a romantic record that doesn't quite match. On his quest to find love, he begins to start getting a different understanding of love itself through the experiences of his close clique of friends Brandon, Jhade, Latisha and Luke.

The tale begins from his best friend Brandon's second engagement, Jhade becoming his sworn enemy since the breakup and Latisha having issues with her fiancé. As Khaymen tries to analyze their relationships, he finds himself in a love triangle with Leeza - an internet love interest. All the while, Jhade stirs up trouble between Kellis and another love interest. His best friend Brandon gets some bad news from his first fiancee while engaged to his second "Phile." Khaymen catches Latisha's boyfriend in the act of cheating on her, and he also has a run-in with Kellis' ex-boyfriend.

What is he to make of all this? Khaymen serves as the narrator throughout the entire script as he questions love, relationships and the behavior of people claiming to be in love.