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Strings  | Open: 12/16/06 Close: 01/06/07
A new play about elegant, cutting-edge physics thoroughly entangled with human pain, passion, and desire.

On a train en route to London to attend the play Copenhagen, two English physicists, upper-class cosmologist George and brilliant working-class String theorist Rory, along with George's American cosmologist wife June, pursue their complex ideas about physics-a conversation that barely masks just-below-the-surface deceit and lies. Old Cambridge University classmates George and Rory dig at one another, with June caught in the middle. Poetry and probability fuel their collisions, as their heroes-Isaac Newton, Max Planck and Marie Curie-intercede with perspective, solace and humor. Excavating layers of jealousy, loss and grief, George, Rory and June finally expose their deepest longings for meaning in a questionably trustworthy universe. This train ride firmly intertwines cool science with the heat of emotional desire and longing. STRINGS is loosely based on the real-life train ride event in which American physicists Burt Ovrut, Paul Steinhardt and English physicist Neil Turok tweaked the Big Bang theory-potentially changing it forever.