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11  | Open: 11/28/06 Close: 12/22/06
"11" presents two emotionally gripping stories of 11 lives deeply impacted by the terrorist bombings in Madrid, Spain on March 11, 2004 and the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. This powerful theatrical event bridges two continents, cultures and national political agendas with one hauntingly similar thread of terrorism. The pieces in "11", "Ana 3/11", written by one of Spain's most acclaimed playwrights Paloma Pedrero, and "A River Apart", the world premiere play by playwright and television writer Michelle Schiefen, follow the heart wrenching journeys of 11 strangers forced to face the reality that their lives and memories are forever altered after the most devastating terrorist attacks on American and Spanish soils.

"A River Apart", a new play set on a Brooklyn rooftop, depicts the most turbulent hour in the lives of six barely acquainted neighbors -- a worried single mother, a Muslim NYU student, the building's superintendent, a young professional woman, an unemployed businessman, and an elderly Latina -- on the morning of September 11, 2001. Set in the time between the attack on the second tower of the World Trade Center and its eventual collapse, the play follows the emotional rollercoaster of each resident as they struggle to deal with the crumbling world across the river. Without their friends, family or a working cell phone, they must depend on the strength of one another to lift their spirits and carry them through this time of perilous uncertainty.

"Ana 3/11", already having premiered in Spain, London, Cuba and at the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival, is a devastatingly suspenseful tale of three women, all named Ana, awaiting the fate of one man, Angel Vera Garcia, trapped in the Madrid train bombings on March 11, 2004. In three separate haunting vignettes, we meet Ana 1, Angel's lover; Ana 2, his wife; and Ana 3, his mother; as each struggles with her faith and hope that the man she loves is still alive. Whether waiting at home for a fateful phone call (Ana 1), enduring a hospital waiting room with another grieving wife (Ana 2) or living in a nursing home and batting dementia with the help of an aid (Ana 3), "Ana 3/11" explores the reverberations of terrorism and the enduring power of love.

"11" is a theatrical event that takes its audience on a personal journey that raises universal questions of violence and ultimate hope.

Paloma Pedrero is the leading female playwright in Spain. Her work has been produced around the world for more than two decades. After successful runs in Spain, Cuba and London, "Ana 3/11" made its US debut at the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival where Melanie Lee of NYTheatre.com raved, "Ana 3/11 is a compelling work that deserves to enter the international canon of theatre." Michelle Schiefen is finishing her latest play, Cause the Bible Tells Me So.

Love: A Tragic Etude  | Open: 11/27/06 Close: 12/16/06
The most dangerous choice we make is our choice to love. In stark, totalitarian Red City, two young lovers, Fernando and Arena, are separated by military conflicts. Fernando, on the lam from his country's current regime, dreams of reuniting with his love. While Arena holds onto hope that she will see Fernando again, she leans on her friend Lucia, whose boyfriend may be the key to Fernando's safe return. Will Lucia's lover be able to save Fernando or does he have another agenda? Will Fernando and Arena be together again? How, in life's toughest times, do people keep their faith?

Creator and director Juan Souki has crafted a searing piece about love, life and fear in the midst of war. Featuring a haunting score by Xavier Losada as well as stunning multimedia images, "Love: A Tragic Etude" deals with moments of inevitable separation and the effects of institutionalized power over human relations. It explores the process of decision making in extreme and unexpected situations.

Juan Souki is a multimedia artist from Caracas, Venezuela. He is the Artistic Director of the Caracas-New York International Theatre Project, which was founded in 2004 to promote a theatrical rendezvous among actors, musicians, designers and directors from all over the world. In addition to his work with the collective, he has directed The Cherry Orchard at the Classic Stage Company.

Originally commissioned by the prestigious Corp Group Foundation, "Love: A Tragic Etude" premiered in Caracas, Venezuela in 2005, and has since been developed further for its New York debut.

Will be shown with Kelly Girod's short impressionistic piece "Gypsy Love"