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Kings County Shakespeare Company (KCSC) is now moving into its 24th season and this will be its 50th mainstage production. The company occupies a special place among NYC's classical companies, by virtue of its clear artistic direction and the high quality of its acting. The New York Times (D.J.R. Bruckner), reviewing the company's last production of "The Taming of the Shrew" (in 2001, directed by Liz Shipman), wrote: "This company has become a fine ensemble. The easy command of Shakespeare's language by the actors is impressive."

KCSC was founded in 1983 by Deborah Wright Houston and Liz Shipman at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in celebration of the Garden's Shakespeare Day. Of its 49 productions since 1983, only eight have been by authors other than Shakespeare. With Houston and Shipman as co-artistic directors, the company achieved prominence while presenting Shakespeare under-the-stars in Prospect Park for thirteen seasons. KCSC went indoors at St. Francis College's Founders Hall in 1999 and, in 2001, became the College's resident classical theater company. In 2001, Liz Shipman left to accept a teaching post at Washington University in St. Louis and Renee Bucciarelli replaced her as Associate Artistic Director, serving until 2004. This was KCSC's most prolific period. Since 2004, while its "home" performance space was unavailable due to renovations, KCSC mounted mainstage productions at the Chapel of the First Unitarian Church in Brooklyn, Abingdon Theater in Manhattan and BRIC Studio in Brooklyn. This season, the company has returned to St. Francis College for rehearsals and support services, but the current production of "Taming of the Shrew" is being staged in the ART-NY building where KCSC has its management office.

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Bad Evidence  | Open: 04/14/05 Close: 04/17/05
"Bad Evidence" is a contemporary play in which a young, attractive married couple is agonizing over suspicion of infidelity. The couple, talking in bed after hosting a party, become increasingly hostile in their language and actions. Sex for them becomes a slow, spider-like dance in which each tries to release inhibitions and tempt the other partner into humiliating confessions by the use of "bad evidence." "Bad Evidence" is a NY premiere This one act play is on a double bill. See Also - Rappacini's Daughter
Rappacini's Daughter  | Open: 04/14/05 Close: 04/17/05
"Rappacini's Daughter" takes place in Bergamo, Italy, where a botanist, Giacomo Rappacini, has armed his daughter, Beatrice, against the evils of the world by confining her in a garden and raising her among the perfumes of poisonous plants. Manipulated by Pietro Baglioni, a jealous professional rival of Rappacini, a vain and worldly suitor named Giovanni gains access to Beatrice and falls in love with her in the splendid, deadly garden. In time, Giovanni becomes inured to the plants' toxins but becomes as poisonous as Beatrice. Unable to overcome his dismay at this, he lashes out at the young woman, and as the unwitting agent of Baglioni's vendetta, kills her. "Rappacini's Daughter" is a world premiere. This one act play is on a double bill. See Also: Bad Evidence
Ruff Love or What You Will  | Open: 03/08/07 Close: 03/19/07
"'The Taming of the Shrew' has long been one of Shakespeare's most popular comedies, yet for many bardophiles the subjugation of Kate by Petruchio and Kate's final speech extolling patriarchal ideals is more than a little troubling. The focus of my adaptation, therefore, is the attraction between Kate and Petruchio. They are meant for each other like 'two raging fires consuming one another in their fury.' Through this adaptation I am exploring the price Petruchio must pay in sleep and food depravation in order to deny Kate the same comforts. Taming 'a la Petruchio' is hard, self-sacrificing work and I suspect Shakespeare's Petruchio is far less certain of the outcome of his methods than the bravura of his pronouncements suggest. However frustrated Kate may be with Petruchio's wit and affability at their first meeting, these very qualities also intrigue her enough to accept him as a husband, and to grieve when Petruchio does not appear at the appointed time on their wedding day.

Families with children admitted for $20.00 per family. Family Reservations: 718-398-0546

Twelfth Night  | Open: 06/14/06 Close: 06/30/06
The production will be set in 17th century England.