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Company Members

 Eudi Paz
Robert Driemeyer  |  Comedian
"Robert Driemeyer comes to Standup Comedy via musical theatre. His first time doing standup, was in a contest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he won $50.00 Since then, he has gone on to become a comic sought out to perform shows. He is a regular on The Poole Party & The Gay & Lesbian ComedyFest. He wins over audiences with recollections of growing up in the bible belt, obsevations of temp jobs, gay toys and his best impersonation...a Boca Raton 911 operator". He has Rascals in Cherry Hill New Jersey, The Comic Strip Live, the Gotham Comedy Club and has appeared in numerous improv/sketch comedy performances....Continued
Shevy Berkovits Gutierrez  |  Actor, Comedian

I started my professional career as a customer wire clerk on the floor of the American Stock Exchange taking execution orders from clients phoning in. Steadily growing through the ranks, I became a Market Maker helping to create an auction market for brokers representing customer orders. Eventually, I was promoted to a Floor Broker representing the customer directly within the screaming and volatile trading pits.

Joe Pontillo  |  Comedian
(Taken From Joe's Website)

Born Dec 9, 1982 in the rural town of Rockville Centre, NY. Joe has always had a sick perverted dream to destroy the world and make people laugh. Some experts believe he is slowly but surely attaining his goal, while others believe he is a myth. Graduate of Hofstra Univeristy May 2005, Joe plans on continuing bringing sheer Joe and creeped out feelings to his dozens of fans through the next few years and then succumb to cocaine addiction and fall in love with a Hollywood whore who is also part of a satanic cult....Continued

Eliza Santos  |  Comedian
The First Thing you notice about Ms. Santos Is her beauty and grace...then watch the dramatic metamorphasis afterwards. Eliza-Faria Santos is a Funny bundle of energy. Quick Wit and sassy is her comic style, she leaves her audiences laughing...hard that is.
 Saran Beaumont  |  Comedian
This is Saran's Second Time Doing Standup Comedy. Her first appearence was at The Gotham Comedy Club. She took time after that to study her craft and hone her skills and now she's making her second public appearence. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Saran Loves to Tell jokes of her multi-cultural background and her loveable, adoreable children. As an employee of the New York City Transit Authority, she has plenty of jokes about being a working parent in a tough job, in a tough town....Continued