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Company Members

Jessica Burr  |  Director

Jessica Burr  is a director, choreographer, peformer, and the founding Artistic Director of Blessed Unrest. She was honored with the 2011 Lucille Lortel Award from the League of Professional Theatre Women, in recognition of her work as a director and the body of work that Blessed Unrest has created under her leadership. She received the 2013 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Choreography/Movement and was a nominee for the same in 2015....Continued

Matt Opatrny  |  Producer

Playwright Matt Opatrny is the Founding Managing Director of Blessed Unrest. With Blessed Unrest, Opatrny authored scripts for Body: Anatomies of Being, Hold (2008 NY Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Production), Burn, and Crave, and co-wrote The Sworn Virgin and Doruntine (with Teatri Oda). He also co-wrote Eurydice's Dream, ArtCamp SexyTime FootBall, and co-adapted Lying and Certain Things Which I Will Call Sacred (The Lovers' Project). ...Continued

Tatyana Kot  |  Actor

Tatyana Kot has performed with Blessed Unrest in Body: Anatomies of Being, Doruntine, Eurydice’s Dream and A Christmas Carol, and workshops of A Christmas Carol and The Greeks. She was born and grew up in the Soviet Union, where she trained and performed with a local ballet company in Kazakhstan. When it was time to get a “real” job she moved to NYC, where she could continue to dance, act on stage and screen, and model. Tatyana was a Blessed Unrest groupie for a couple years before starting to train with them. ...Continued

Nathan Richard Wagner  |  Actor

Nathan is an Associate Artist of Blessed Unrest and has worked with the company in Body: Anatomies of Being, Lying, A Christmas Carol and 400 Parts Per Million. He is an actor, musician, teacher, and puppeteer. With his ensemble, The Roadsters, both Ohio, Revisited and What Happened in Ohio. Puppet work includes Hobo Grunt Cycle with the UNIMA award-winning puppet company Lone Wolf Tribe and GORMANZEE with anna&meredith. After Midnight and The Gray Notebook in Target Margin Theater’s Lab Series. BA from the University of Kentucky.<...Continued

Joshua Wynter  |  Actor

Joshua debuted with Blessed Unrest in Body: Anatomies of Being and A Christmas Carol. Not only does he share his passion for acting and creating physical theatre with Blessed Unrest, he has been a featured artist at the Metropolitan Opera (Hamlet, Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci), is a performance artist/educator with Bond Street Theatre Coalition, and is a member of Broken Box Mime Theatre and Big Apple Playback Theatre. ...Continued