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Cary Curran  |  Actress
CARY CURRAN is a member of Big Art Group and has toured internationally with "Flicker" and "Shelf Life". She also appeared in "House of No More" at PS122. Cary is a Dazzle Dancer, choreographer, and co-creator/star of Extravaganza! She starred in Mike Albo's "Sexotheque" and is constantly collaborating with him. Her award winning film "Wonder Woman: Battle With the Basher" has played in festivals internationally. Film credits: "Estranged", "Call Me Cwazy", "Cherry", "Margarita Happy Hour", and "Headcase". Cary appears in the recently released film "Adam & Steve". www.carycurran.c...Continued
 Cary Curran
 Christopher Eaves
 Thom Sibbitt