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Company Members

 Ben Mankoff  |  Actor


BEN MANKOFF (Danny) is a company member with Tribute Theatre. ...Continued

Molly Murphy  |  Actress


MOLLY MURPHY (Pinky, Mother) is a student studying voice, psychology, and drama at Bennington College.&...Continued

 Josh Gulotta  |  Actor

 JOSH GULOTTA (Blinky)has been acting for many years and has been in a score of productions. Some include Michael Greif’s production of Three Sisters, Josh Fox’s Reconstruction (with International WOW), From Rags to Riches and Horatio Alger’s Boys at the Metropolitan Playhouse. Josh is a graduate of Bennington College.&...Continued

Josh Max  |  Actor


JOSH MAX (Bartender, Dr. McGill, Salesman) is a senior at Bennington College and will be graduating in the spring. ...Continued

Mimi Bain  |  Director, Producer, Artistic Director


 MIMI BAIN (Director, Producer) is the founding member of Tribute Theatre and director of Tribute’s first production The Serpent in Portland, OR. She has recently decided to move Tribute to NYC. ...Continued