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Are You There Zeus? It's Me, Electra  | Open: 06/06/10 Close: 06/27/10

On The Fritz Productions is pleased to present Are You There Zeus? It’s Me, Electra, a new tragicomedy written by NYIT award recipient Aliza Shane, as part of the 2nd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.  The production will be held at The Bleecker Street Theatre, 45 Bleecker Street, in New York City for six performances from June 6-27, 2010.  Ms. Shane will direct a cast of 10, including Sierra Marcks (Sonnets For An Old Century), Cas Marino (Torch Song Trilogy), James David Larson, David Michael Brown (Brink!), Tim Mele, Kerri Ford (Psych), Carley Colbert, Felicia Blum, Noelle Fair, and Kate Dickinson.

About the show

Electra is angry, ruthless, and hell-bent on revenge.  Too bad she’s only 16…

Electra is determined to avenge her father Agamemnon’s death.  Unfortunately, she’s powerless - a teenager stuck at home with nothing but a Greek chorus that just won’t go away. She will need to band together with her long-lost brother, their dim-witted sister, their trusted friend, and a torrent of raging hormones to set her plot for revenge in motion.  But will vengeance lead to happiness?  And why does puberty have to be so tragic?

This new tragicomedy based on the classic Greek tragedy of Electra.  Electra is an odd Greek tragedy, in that it appears to be about a central female character, but Electra spends the entire time waiting for a man to show up on his proverbial white horse and make things happen. The story has always been about the one true heir Orestes; he is the conquering hero, returning home to save the day and all Electra can do is wait and lament… and then lament some more. But what if the story really was Electra’s? What if she grew to believe in her own power and gained the strength to fight back on her own terms? This new show examines the story from Electra’s perspective and mixes it with 90’s grunge rock for an authentic, angst-ridden, teenage experience.

Are You There Zeus? It’s Me, Electra benefits the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation (CCBF), which, since 1952, has supported the incredible work of the Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology of New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. www.childrenscbf.org.