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Company Members

Ana Reynoso  |  Actress

 she started her stage acting with her mentor Juan Shamsul Alam with the Family rep co. 2005 her first play was " LA PARED" She was a correction Officer. she then went on to read Once Upon a Time in El Barrio, after Alam was looking for the lead actress, when he felt strongly that miss Reynoso could pull it off. She got the lead role in "Once upon a time"  Alam went on to develope Short Ice a true story with miss Reynoso in mind, he cast her as the lead role, The Gallery he gave her the lead role of  Angie the Junkie opposite Santo Alam with Francine Mancini, Angel Caban and Rick Reid.......Continued

Rick Reid  |  Actor

 Rick Reid a member of the Family since 1972 has appeared on Broadway In Short Eyes..He now plays Captain Richards in Short  Ice.  Rick was seen as the Preacher in  "Purple Paradise" writen by Juan Shamsul Alam and He will appear in Alam's Gallery

 Ana Nena Reynoso  |  Actor

 miss reynos has starred in the film  once upon a time en el barrio  that's on  and in Gallery she plays Angie