Suspended Cirque

Todays Date: 08/10/22
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Company Members

 Joshua Dean  |  Actor, Artistic Director


 Ben Franklin  |  Actor, Artistic Director

 Michelle Dortignac  |  Actress, Artistic Director

 Michelle Dortignac has been a New York City artist, dancer and performer for the past 15 years. She has always enjoyed participating in the uncommon side of the performance and entertainment world, allowing her to explore a wide range of movement and performance techniques. During her career, Michelle has trained in and performed Aerial Acrobatics, Corporeal Mime, Butoh, Contact Improvisational Dance, and Yoga.


 Angela Jones  |  Actress, Artistic Director

 Angela Jones was born in Germany and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating from Stanford University, she headed straight for New York to pursue a career in Dance. Soon she became known for her “powerful stage presence” and “wild energy” New York Times, and for “taking deeply felt intangibble notions and making them visual,” Backstage. ...Continued

 Kristin Olness  |  Actress, Artistic Director

 Kristin Olness is a professional aerialist and aerial instructor, as well as certified yoga instructor, Broadway dancer and choreographer.

Kristin played Helga in the ‘98 Tony Award Winning revival of Cabaret and was the co-recipient of the Fred Astaire Award. ...Continued

 Victoria Cave