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Green Blood Black Snow/ Short Indie Film - 9:30  |  Actor

A girl stuck between hell and forever. A zealot bent on redemption. Bitter loyalties shatter.

Progressive Dementia - 10:30  |  Vocalist, Strings, Keyboard
The members of Progressive Dementia have progressive rock chops and a class clown mentality. Their performances are nuanced yet perverse, and can include symphonic complexity, metallic intensity, and the lead singer dressing up as a carrot all in the same song. They could play classical or jazz, yet they play this. Lead singer Bryan Zeigler describes their work as "complicated songs about stupid things," and though they do not take themselves seriously, they have an incredible passion for complex, yet accessible music with a sense of humor and very little conceptual restraint....Continued
Rob Shapiro - 8:00  |  Comedian
actor w a career, comedian with a career and now semi pro boxer w a black eye...I aint no waiter... yeah lets all be afraid of what "people" will think --GREAT IDEA!!--
One Leg Chuck & The Alphabet City Street Stars - 11:30  |  Vocalist, Strings, Horns, Percussion, Keyboard, Lyricist
BunnyB Productions based in New York City aims to produce, promote, and curate honest music. Bunny Batliwala is a versatile Percussionist/Producer who grew up in Bombay, India and moved to the US at 18. Started on Piano at an early age, then Guitar, followed by percussion and drums in diverse styles including Indian, Afro-Beat, Latin, Reggae, Dub, Dance Hall, Middle Eastern, Rock, Funk. Instruments such as Udu Drums, Dumbek/Darabouka, Hadgini Drum, Riqq, Djembe, Frame drums, and drumset. Studied with Jamey Haddad, Ustad Sultan Khan, and Trichy Sankaran. ...Continued