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Company Members

 Roni Yaniv  |  Actor
Roni Yaniv was born and raised in Israel, were she has been involved in various theatre productions taking different roles, and collaborating with artists who share her view of the theatre being one integral unit of art and its creators being involved in all aspects of it. Some of her previous work includes: period of adjustment-Habima national theatre (assistant director), School of design for performing arts (lecturer), Hertzelia studios (costume designer)...Continued
 Merel Smitt  |  Actor
Merel Smitt was born and raised in The Netherlands.

After finishing her acting program there, she decided

to cross the ocean and attend the 2005 summer

intensive at the Ward Acting Studio in New York.

She completed the acting program in July 2007

and is very grateful to be a member of the Ward ...Continued

 Meagan Barno  |  Actor
Meagan Barno is originally from Syracuse, NY. After receiving her BFA in Theatre Studies from Niagara Unviersity, she moved to New York for the 2006 Summer Intensive at the Ward Studio. She completed the training program last May and is honored to be a member of the 2007 Ward Studio Company. Past roles at the studio include Babe in Crimes of the Heart, and Drudge in The Real Inspector Hound....Continued
 Gina Galliano  |  Actor
After training with Freehold Theater in Seattle,

Washington, Gina Galliano relocated to New York.

She then began her training with the Ward Studio.

She has been involved in several productions,

including Crimes of the Heart, Win/Lose/Draw,

Whose Life is it Anyway and Seascape.

She would like to thank her friends and family for ...Continued

 Alden Burgess  |  Actor
Alden Burgess is a writer/director/actor whose work is inspired by his extensive study of past masters. While attending Rockport College's Professional Certificate program he directed, edited, and wrote a number of short films. He is currently working at Eastern Effects, a grip and electric rental house serving the greater New York area. His independent short film, Chance, is a Platinum Remi Winner at WorldFest-Houston and has been featured in over a dozen film festivals. He had his acting debut earlier last year in Tom Stoppard's Real Inspector Hound, which he followed up with a starring role in Peter Shaffer's The Public Eye. ...Continued