Dandy Darkly
Dandy Darkly -- World Renowned Raconteur

"Mr. Darkly is an utterly unique and potentially fatal cocktail of mince and menace that’s not to be believed…even once he’s been seen!" The Villager

Dandy Darkly is a storyteller of supernatural sleaze and homosexual horror -- a raucous raconteur of frightfully funny fables! Dandy Darkly also hosts and produces cruel and unusual cabaret shows across Manhattan and Brooklyn, curating an eclectic cast of dancers, musicians and storytellers to fit his villainous vaudevillian vision!

Dandy cut his teeth (and chipped a tooth) telling tasteless tales of terror down under Provincetown's infamous Dick Dock -- and now, America's humble ghost-lispererperforms before perplexed patrons around the globe!

In August of 2014, Dandy enjoyed a second smash year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, performing his one man show Dandy Darkly's Pussy Panic! The show has continued with much success, earning packed houses and stellar reviews with runs at Dixon Place's HOT! Festival, The Celebration of Whimsy Theater, The New Orleans Fringe Festival and the Frigid Festival.

Dandy Darkly has produced and hosted a cavalcade of variety events at such esteemed Manhattan venues as Dixon Place, Stonewall Inn, the Celebration of Whimsy and The Slipper Room, as well as hosting the Best of Burlesque! produced by London Burlesque Festival's Chaz Royal.

In August 2014 Dandy hosted a fundraiser gala for the Edinburgh Fringe Society at the swanky Virgin Members Lounge. In October of 2012, Dandy Darkly hosted both the Phantom Cabaret and the prestigious Airship Awards at Steamcon, the national Steampunk Convention in Seattle, Washington. Likewise, Dandy has hosted several events over the years for Dixon Place and their annualHOT! Festival in support of LGBTQ arts.

But enough about Dandy Darkly! What does everyone elsethink about Dandy Darkly? 

“Bedazzling talent. A celebration of our campest, creepiest selves.” Scotsgay Magazine

“Voguing and zombie dancing. Cattiness, absurdity and gore.” The Edinburgh Reporter

“Gruesomely compelling. Deliciously diverse. Political potency makes it a feminist fiesta.” The Scotsman

“Nightmare inducing, surrealist camp fantasies. A searing critique of queer culture. A vagina détente.” The List

"Dandy has a real talent for story telling, his tales cut to the bone and are just close enough to truth to make them truly terrifying." FreshAir UK

"Richly macabre and pointedly satirical imaginative landscapes unlike anything else at the Fringe, or indeed elsewhere." Time Out

Must See! "This is how ghost stories should be told." The Stage

"Like the best sex and horror, Dandy Darkly’s Gory Hole is equal parts funny, uncomfortable and, in its evocation of contemporary homophobia, ”bare-biting”, and issues of shame and acceptance, thought provoking." The Edinburgh Reporter

"If Rip Taylor and Vincent Price farmed out their sperm to a satanic lesbian surrogate, the conjoined twin one imagines might be produced from that fiendish union doesn’t even begin to approximate the human oddity that is Dandy Darkly." Edge New York

To contact Dandy Darkly for performance bookings, media inquiries or representation, please contact him at dandydarklypress@gmail.com