Kyria Geneva

 Kyria Geneva from a young age has always dreamed of becoming an actress. What drew this New York native to become an actress was her first major performance at Aaron Davis Hall in a production of My Fathers Will at the age of twelve which was produced by the Harlem Tabernacle Church’s Music and Arts Department; where both of her parents were pastors. From that moment on she knew that acting was her gift. Kyria has been in numerous productions, including The WIZ with the Harlem Repertory Theatre during the summer of 2009 and Underneath It All with Get Write Entertainment. She has done film work for The Los Angeles Art Institute, SiTV in Los Angeles California and New Line Productions. She is also a playwright, director and has studied theatre at The City College of New York. Ms. Geneva has such a passion for acting because she knows that her gifts come from God. Kyria is a young woman with high expectations and countless ambitions, “dream big, the sky is the limit!”