Jacob Berger


A former social worker born and raised in the Bronx, Jacob Berger has been steadily moving through the ranks of show business since he began this journey a little over two years ago. Since that time, Jacob has been working non-stop to move up in the business taking on as many quality film and television projects including dozens of original content webseries along with several theater productions. He has been training at many of the top acting institutions such as William Esper, Stella Adler, CNC Studios and UCB. Jacob enjoys working with other creative individuals and takes the approach to life that if you have the mindset of a winner, good things will happen. Jacob continues to exemplify the attitude and work ethic needed to succeed in this business and he is a name that you should take note of as his stock continues to rise. For more information on Jacob please visit www.nycastings.com/JacobBerger