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Kirsten Stephens

Kirsten Stephens studied for three years with world-renowned Marcel Marceau in Paris, France and graduated from his school in 1997.  Following graduation from l’Ecole International de Mimodrame de Marcel Marceau, she toured France and Europe with the company Mime de Rien, a group she and four of her classmates formed. Upon returning to the US, Kirsten moved to Minneapolis to continue training and performing with the MargolisBrown Co. before teaming up with Dean Hatton in 2002 with whom she has created and performed numerous shows for festivals, universities and a steadily growing fan base. Kirsten is excited to be part of the FRIGID New York 2013 Festival, run by Horse Trade Theater.  She is also eager to re-introduce this art of theatrical minimalism to a new generation, with a few updated tweaks. Call it Mime 2.0.