Gregory Levine

Gregory Levine (Valentin Haüy) is complex, swashbuckling and boyishly raffish. He created, writes and performs as Weimar-esque Vaudevillian nightclub entertainer/storyteller Gregor of Berlin, most recently winning (by audience vote) the miniFRIDGE Theater Festival Contest and securing his own show, "Nietzsche, Whores and Knock-Knock Jokes," in the 2013 Festival. He co-produced, co-wrote and co-hosted with M. Leona Godin the massive variety/cabaret "Lord Gregory and Mademoiselle Godin's MiniXmas Spectacular" for Horse Trade's 2012 miniFRIDGE Theater Festival. Gregory directs the monthly news-and-politics comedy show, "The Skinny with Peter DeGiglio."