Dr Ml Godin

Dr ML Godin (writer, director) is a writer and performer whose autobiographical treatment of Helen Keller's time on vaudeville called The Star of Happiness is proud to be one of Horse Trade’s touring shows. She received her Ph.D. in early modern literature from NYU’s English department in January 2009 and has taught many classes on poetry, literature, and the great books of Western Civilization!? When she is not teaching and writing she performs at comedy, storytelling, and variety shows such as Tell Your Friends, The Liar Show and Alter Ego. She is a proud winner of the Moth Story Slam and the faithful sidekick of Sideshow Goshko! The Spectator & the Blind Man is Godin’s first ensemble piece and her debut as a director. For more on Godin, her handsome Igor Guidedog and her audio project Set in Sound: www.michelleleonagodin